We are Josh and Heather, a husband and wife team that loves Jesus and our nine kids.  (You read that right: 9!)  We love to CREATE.  From building with rustic barnwood to salvaging castoffs from East Texas roadsides, we've done a little bit of everything.  Our pieces are one of a kind, built by Mr. Giddyup and hand painted by Mrs. Whoa, often with the help of our kids.  Let us help you bring a meaningful piece of beauty into your home!

Why Giddyup & Whoa?

Years ago during a prayer service, someone shared that in our marriage, Josh would be the "Giddyup" and I would be the "Whoa."  We have found this to be remarkably accurate over our 20 years of marriage.  Together we make a pretty great team!  

I write a weekly blog chronicling the life of our big, crazy Tribe. I have found that in the midst of great trial and the maddeningly mundane, there is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for!  

Sunday Gratitude Blog